Subject Descriptions of tables and columns
Author Norman Dunbar
Honest, I have checked the docs for this :o)

I want to add a comment to a table and its columns. You know the thing, a
description of the table which is stored in the database, and descriptions
of the columns etc.

IB Expert (nice bit of kit) uses the DESCRIBE command in its own scripts to
add a table or column comment. It seems to do column comments by directly
updating the RDB$DESCRIPTION column of RDB$RELATION_FIELDS table and table
descriptions by directly updating the RDB$DESCRIPTION column of the

I'm a bit hesitant to update the system tables directly (being of an Oracle
background, this is a big no no !) but I'm unable to find a command that
will allow me to add my descriptions.

The problem I'm having is that when I use IB_SQL to run scripts etc, the IB
Expert manner of using the DESCRIBE command is flagged as an error. I'm
unable to find a DESCRIBE command so I presume this is just something that
IB Expert does itself.


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