Subject Setting TField.Required to False does not propagate down to TIB_Dataset
Author Nando Dessena
I am using IBO (dataset-based flavour) 4.2.Id.

If I create persistent (design time) fields on my TIBOQuery IBO is
kind enough to automatically set the Required property to True for
each field that is defined as NOT NULL in the underlying table. Fair

The bad news is that if I manually set the value of Required to False
for one of the TFields (let's say I have a before insert trigger to take care
of it) IBO does not seem to mirror this change to the internal
dataset: trying to Post without assigning a value to that field
results in an error thrown by TIB_Dataset.CheckRequiredFields.

I don't think it can be considered correct behaviour: stop me
from resetting Required, otherwise honor the setting.

So is this a bug in my version of IBO, intended behaviour (and then,
why) or what?
Nando mailto:nandod@...