Subject Re: Fw: Keylinks questions
Author tvorenkamp
Thanks for your detailed answer Helen,

What I was talking about is a 4 years old system which runs on the
server. Since it runs on the server we use only a very small part of
the functionallity of IBO
The select queries are used to translate data into html.
TIB_Query objects are used because it was a copy of a Delphi
application that used TQuery
After a some time we found out that TIB_Cursor would probably have
been better to use, but for this system it was to late to change that

Now the problem was, that we noticed that with the setting
"FetchWholeRows := False" very much memory is used compared to the
situation with "FetchWholeRows := True"
I thought to solve it by setting "FetchWholeRows := True"
But then it appears that the AutoDefineKeyLinks gives keylink errors
in queries that select on a unique key instead of the primary key
(Both situations with AutoDefineKeylinks = True)

Defining keylinks by hand is no option. So I guess we have to accept
the extra memory use.

best regards