Subject Re: [IBO] new TIB_Datasource component editor (was: IBO shortcuts)
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi again,

Norman Dunbar wrote:
> Morning Frank,
> this thing just keeps getting better and better.

if you liked V1.1, you'll *love* V1.2 :-) :

thanks to Geoff and Ales Kahanek's code, there are
some really nice new features:

- drag'n'drop the fields onto the form designer

- change and save the defaults for the layout settings

- some little source code generators for those tedious
ParamByName and FieldByName assignments (check out the
popup menu!)

- most wanted: you can set up a Preferences list
of what controls to use for which SQL type or domain.
hit the preferences button; here you'll find a mapping
list where you can put in entries like:


this way, if you leave the Class combo at "< automatic >",
you will get a DateTimePicker created for every date
column you drag'n'drop and it will be named dtp<fieldname>.
you can also put in entries on domain level like


or define exceptions for specific fields like


you can also store these settings as defaults.

Last but not least, i included a package with factories
for Geoff's Enhanced controls that will integrate them
into the editor (thanks Geoff!).

this thing is starting to be real fun - i just created a
complete working edit form with some 20+ controls on it
with one single click :-)

> Unfortunately, C++ doesn't like your factory class as it claims to be an
> 'unimplemented language feature'. It is the abstract class member that is
> causing the difficulties.

i replaced the abstract method with a dummy implementation,
that should solve it. if you have any other BCB issues,
let me know - i'd like this thing to work in BCB also,
but i can't test it...

Frank (off for a short holiday but back on monday...)