Subject Re: [IBO] how is the best way of create a database ?
Author Jason Wharton
Since you are on the IBO list, the best way is to have a script file with
all the SQL commands to do it.

Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] how is the best way of create a database ?


I am working with Delphi 7/Kylix 3 over firebird and I want to know
how is the best way of doing the next operation:

-- I have a form in which a user can create a database
-- The database must have some Tables and some records in some of
these tables.

I have thought several things,

1º With the TIBDatabase, I can create the Database and then with a
DDL and the IBScript Component I load this DDL. Then I have in a sql
Script the insert commands to load the necesary data.

2º With The IBBackupService I restore a database as i need and this
way i got the database.

3º I use the gbak to restore de database.

Any way to do this in a easier way?

I have the problem that database server is in a machine does is not
accessible from the client machines, I cant make a copy file.