Subject new TIB_Datasource component editor (was: IBO shortcuts)
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi all,

Geoff Worboys wrote:
>>There is shortcut when using IBO to make TIB_edit? I mean
>>>> before when iam using IBX or BDE, I just double click the
>>>> TDataset then a window will popup with the list of the
>>>> fields the TDataset contain. And I just simply drag all
>>>> the selected field I want to display into the form,
>>>> automatically TLabel and TDB_edit where created at once.
> Someone did something like this a long while ago - although I
> think it used autolabel rather than having a separate TLabel.

i played around with this today (before i saw your
reply, Geoff...) here is what i have so far:
(~7k zip with full source, tested with D5 and D6)

some notes:
- you must select the form or panel you
want the controls to be placed on (since
i haven't figured out how to drag'n'drop
onto the form designer ;-)

- you can choose AutoLabel or creating
separate TIB_Labels associated with the

- currently you can create TIB_Edits or
TIB_Comboboxes, but that could easily be

please take a look and tell me what you think.