Subject AW: [IBO] Two Questions
Author Queck Rainer
Hello Paul,

Thanks for your answers.

It's a known, er... phenomenon ;-)
Not your fault.
Do you think there will be a update for the IB_BrowsDialog? It is such a nice component, but I can't use it in application done for customers, since they would come right at me with this "phenomenon" :-(

Good hint :-)
I am now using the TIb_SearchPanel.


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Hello Rainer,

> IB_BrowseDialog: If I Execute the IB_BrowseDialog and then right
> click on the page control area I get a "EInvalidCast" Exception.
> Is this a known error or am I doing something wrong?

It's a known, er... phenomenon ;-)
Not your fault.

> IB_Searchbar: My searchbar is connected to the same DataSource as my
> Ib_Grid is. Clicking on the "search in Data" causes the Ib_Grid to
> clear and I supose I should now enter the search criteria.
> Unforunately I can't enter anything even though the Grid and the
> Query are not set to readonly.

I think this is intentional, although I don't know why. You can use
TIB_Edits etc. to enter search criteria. Or the specialized controls
under the iboSearch tab.

> Are there any instructions availabel on how to use the IB_Searchbar?

Maybe in the Help and/or the Getting Started Guide?

Paul Vinkenoog

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