Subject Re: [IBO] BCB 6 build problem with IBO 4.0Ie release - The fixes !
Author Lester Caine

> this is a major problem with almost any BCB package. If the developer has a
> certain package loaded into the IDE when he/she built the one I'm trying to
> install, then I get linker errors when I do the build. It is always a case
> of shut down, edit the bpk file, remove the crud from LIBRARIES and
> SPARELIBS, reopen and build. (Repeat as necessary !)

The previous versions had all been tidied up. I have my own
Builder6 set of projects from before Jason added them to the
package. If you have time (and have Builder6 installed ;) ) ....

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services