Subject Re: [IBO] masterdetail and defaults
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Could be my current headache, but I'm not making sense of this. I'm probably
going to need to have a simple sample application. It's more than likely
something a bit unusual anyway in which case I will for sure need an app
with these issues isolated in them.

Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] masterdetail and defaults

> Hi,
> When I define a master-detail using stringkeys I do not need to set
> my key in the afterinsert event of my detail-dataset. That's fine.
> But if I define a master-detail using integers (not null ) I have to
> use the afterinsert event of my detail-dataset or I will get a
> message " null not allowed on ID " when I try to insert and then post
> a record. If I define a dummy default in TIBOquery of "ID=0" then
> somehow my detail-ID will not change anymore to the master-ID
> Did I do something wrong here or is it a known issue ?
> Leon