Subject BCB 6 build problem with IBO 4.0Ie release - The fixes !
Author Norman Dunbar
Afternoon all,

I've just downloaded and installed the latest release of IBO 4Ie and
'discovered' a couple of foibles that might bite the unwary or new users.
The following is the fix which is required.

In BCB close all so that you don't have the project group open.

Using explorer, navigate to the folder where your new release lives and
locate the following files :


Open each one in notepad and search for two occurrences of 'indy.lib' - one
should be found in the LIBRARIES= and one in the SPARELIBS= sections of the
file. Delete both occurances of the words 'indy.lib' and save the files

Back in BCB, open the IBO40_C6.bpg project group, right click each entry and
BUILD it. Then right click and INSTALL each of the IBO40*DT_C6 packages as
well as the IBO40RPL_c6, IBO40EDT_C6 and IBO40EDS_C6 packages at the bottom
of the list.

If you are using a 'lesser' version of BCB than Professional, remove the
IBO40*WDT_C6, IBO40*WDT_C6, IBO40*XDT_C6 and IBO40*XRT_C6 packages from the
project group - there are the Webby stuff (*W*) and the TDataSet compatible
ones (*X*) which won't compile unless you have Professional or Enterprise

Hope this helps someone.


Norman Dunbar
Database/Unix administrator
Lynx Financial Systems Ltd.
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