Subject Re: Running FB 1.5 and FB1.0 concurrently?
Author Helen Borrie by way of Helen Borrie
originally posted to [ib-support] ----

At 12:01 PM 5/06/2003 +0000, ashwiz_za wrote:

>Yes, I got FB 1.5 to run on another port, but if I now install FB 1.0
>neither of them runs...
>Correct format on Windows for connection string
>is "server/port:path\*.fdb" eg "server1/3051:C:\Data\Clients.fdb"
>I think my problem lies with gds32.dll ...I know FB 1.5 now uses
>fbclient.dll, but what happens with this file if I install both 1.0
>and 1.5 ?
>Should I first install 1.5, then delete this file (gds32.dll), then
>install 1.0?

FB 1.5 *does* have the API now in fbclient.dll, but it also has a
gds32.dll, consisting of stubs, which redirects the client calls to
fbclient.dll. IOW, you have (and need to have) both libraries.

What *should* work is to move the fbclient.dll and gds32.dll from the
system directory to the \bin directory of Firebird15 and to retrieve your
backup copy of FB 1.0.x gds32.dll and move it to the \bin directory of
Firebird (1.0.x). That is, have NO gds32.dll in your System directory at all.

Another way to do it, which will work with IBO but not for most tools, is
to leave the two gds32.dll files in your system directory but to rename
one, e.g. rename the Fb 1.0.x one to 'fb1_gds32.dll'.

Then grab a little unit that lives in your IBO root directory, named
IB_Session511.pas. Edit as a text file and do exactly two changes:
1) change the unit declaration to the name you are going to use for the
unit, e.g. IB_Session_fb10, if you are going to save the unit as
2) change the string in the initialization section to the new name of your
gds32.dll file for FB 1.0.x, e.g. 'fb1_gds32.dll'.

Save this little unit back into your IBO root dir as IB_Session_fb10.pas.

Now, open your client project and go to the DPR file. In the uses clause
in the interface section, add IB_Session_fb10.pas as the *first* unit in
the list. Save all. Recompile. You're done.

If you want to make "versions" of IB_SQL and IBOConsole you can use this
same unit with both of these projects to build server-specific versions of
these tools. The source for the IB_SQL project is also in your IBO
root; and you can get the IBOConsole sources from