Subject Re: [IBO] does a tiboquery in a prepared state consume resources on the server?
Author Robert Schuff
Hi Jason,

I ended up using the following:

// create the params
// free up any server resources without the params definitions!

It gives me exactly what I need. I can do this for every query on my
asta server. Now I just need to **be sure** I'm not holding any server
resources....Is there a way to see that info on the IBServer?

Many thanks!


"Jason Wharton" wrote:

> I believe it is also possible to have IBO store the params in the DFM.
> You may not need to actually prepare the dataset if you do a prepare
> at design-time that just may have them in there. Though having them
> prepared and then calling Unprepare may also leave the TParams info
> there as well.
> Tinker around and let me know what you work out.