Subject new to ibo, suggestion needed
Author kachuncheng
I am a full time programmer, mainly on MCUs. from time to time I do
small bussiness software, too.
I was using...
THSD qr design
quick report
custom GJLRXDBGrid, added check box support for interbase domain
boolean field

now I want to switch to IBO, but I'm concerning my needed features.
the grid control I was using can save the column width in registry,
so the user can customize it on their own, and more important, save
my time from adjusting them.

since I'm not making such software too often, I dont' want to invest
too much.

here are my questions.
does IBO's db grid support run time column size saving? or can I use
RX/project jedi's registry storage to store the column width easily?

seems something will be told about IBO with kylix in the IBO
conference, but I'm not able to join. so can anyone tell me about the
status of kylix/apache dso support in IBO? there's no eval kit for