Subject Multiple TIB_CtrlGrid causes Design Error
Author kumasoftllc
I have a form containing 3 TIB_CtrlGrids.

Each Grid has its DataSource property set to a different datasource,
and contains various IBO edit, date, memo, and comboboxes.

If I attempt to open this form first (design mode, not runtime) after
opening the project I will receive the following error:

error creating form: cannot focus a disabled or invisible window

The only way I can open the form with these property settings is to
make sure I open another form (containing IBO components) prior to
opening the troublesome form.

As I permanent fix I have discovered that I can only have at most 2
TIB_CtrlGrids with the DataSource property set. As long as I leave
the DataSource property on 1 of the TIB_CtrlGrids (any one of the
three, it doesn't seem to matter) empty then the form will always
open even if I open it first (before another IBO-bearing form).

So my questions are:

1. Can anyone provide any insight into this problem?

2. As far as I can tell, setting the DataSource on the TIB_CtrlGrid
is more of a convenience in that it prevents you from having to set
the DataSource individually on each of the widgets placed in the
control. There seems to be little other benefit to setting the
DataSource on the TIB_CtrlGrid itself. Is this correct?