Subject [IBO] IBOQuery and performance problem with SP
Author Enrico Raviglione
Hi, i made a SP that work on 3 input parameters and return a lot of
output fields (about 350) on a single row.

I use it on FireBird 1.0.

My SP work very well in IBConsole or IBOConsole (< 1 sec. and i see the
result) but if i call the same SP with IBOQuery i need about 12 / 14
sec. before see my result.
I haven't define any static fields in my IBOQuery, property RequestLive
are set to false, AutoFetchAll and FetchWholeRows are set to true.

I call the same SP from IB_SQL.exe and it work very well ( < 1 sec. )

Where are the problem ?

Best regards,
Enrico Raviglione.