Subject RE: [IBO] SQLWhere Items ???
Author Alan McDonald
> Alan,
> In response to this and the previous message, the parser obviously isn't
> going to the ORDER BY level of its sequence. That is the final level -
> where it checks to see whether SQLOrder has any items and, if so, it
> constructs and ORDER BY clause from that and adds it *after* the WHERE
> clause. By this level, it already has the WHERE clause. For some reason
> (not yet apparent....) it seems to be *reading* the SQLOrder structure
> before it has finished the WHERE level (and not interpreting it
> as it should).
> On the server side, you should *certainly* get an UNKNOWN TOKEN exception
> from SUBMITDATE in the statement above.
> SQLOrder should be tested for content and, if Count > 0, should
> be cleared
> before applying the new values. If you don't, you will get an
> exception; but you shouldn't be seeing what you report here under any
> conditions. And DESC is a perfectly valid element of an SQLOrder string.
> SQLOrder is a bit different to SQLWhereItems, where it's possible to ADD
> more WHERE criteria.
> What versions of
> a) database
> b) IBO
> are you using?
> Helen

I cetainly don't get an exception back from the server..
DB = IB6.02
IBO = 4.2.Ib