Subject Re: [IBO] Generator Link Problem
Author Jason Wharton
> I am using a TIBOQUERY as a table, and when I use the generator link
> for my auto inc PK column the value shows, but when I hit cancel the
> record does not cancel, then I have to delete it.
> Any ideas?

You may be inadvertently posting it. I suggest you assign a BeforePost event
and put a breakpoint there and then see what the callstack is. This will
show you the line of code where the post is being originated. In which case
you will want to change your code to avoid posting it.

Also, when using generator links, you don't get the number back if you
Cancel. If you must have a sequential series of numbers with no gaps, refer
to my TI sheets on my website for how to do this. It's not very easy in an
optimistic multi-user system.

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