Subject RE: [IBO] Use IBO with IB7?
Author Kevin Everhart
I've gotten this same error in a Client/Server Application. The problem was
the client internet connection. If the internet connection drops or hangs
during a session, the session times out on the server. Then the client tries
to come in on the same session (didn't close the app) and wa la! "Error
reading data from connection". I had them close then re-start the
application and all was well.

In my case the internet connection was a T1 being shared between 7 Community
Colleges and a District Office in Chicago. Since then the upgraded their
internet connection and we haven't had a problem since.


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Maybe it was supposed to be, but I don't think the fix really got in
there. I still can duplicate this problem using IBO. I got curious
and decided to try it. So whether it's a necessary change to IBO or
not, the problem still exists.

Also, I've been having major headaches w/ ASTA involving an app with
a high transaction rate using Interbase due to this threading issue,
and IB7 didn't help. Somehow somewhere, ASTA is allowing concurrent
access to a connection and causing the "Error reading data from
connection" ISC error.

> Threadsafety - running queries in multiple threads on a single
> connection - was one of the new features for the IB7
> client.
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