Subject Handling Disconnects
Author sdbeames
Since our network 'upgrade' my IBO app has been reporting

ISC ERROR CODE 335544721
Unable to complete network request to host 'ews-server'
Error reading data from the connection.
unknown Win32 error 10054

at least once a day. This prevents the app receiving any more data
until it is closed and restarted. I've also noticed the Local Area
Connection reporting the momentary disconnection and reconnection.
My IBO related question is how should I handle this error in my
client app.
I assume the approach is to first catch it in my
TIB_Connection.OnError(), but what then? Do I have to Close & re-open
all my queries (_DatasetCount = 58, on many forms)?

I don't think the TIB_Connection.Connected flag changes when the
connection is lost, but I assume this message means the socket
connection has gone.

My network knowledge is minimal, so any advice is appreciated,
Thank you,
IBO 4.2.Ib/Win2K/Firebird 1.0