Subject Re: [IBO] BUG with TIBOQuery (IBO4.2Gc) and Firebird 1.5 (RC1)
Author fabiano_bonin
--- In, nibler@t... wrote:
> Fabiano,
> > I did it, and the problem persists.
> did you really restart the server process ?
> Is the line in the firebird.conf really uncommented ?
> I checked it with the same SQL you provided and after
> setting the parameter and restarting the server it was ok.
> Harald


Look if i am doing something wrong...

I am using Firebird Classic RC1 on Linux RedHat

I changed the file /etc/firebird.conf to

OldParameterOrdering = 1

I killed all fb process (fb_lock_mgr and fb_inet_server)

I restarted xinetd

I connected to the server

After this, the same behavior persists. Could it be some issue
related to libraries?

Sorry for the crosspost.