Subject Instructions for upgrading IBO in BCPPB4?
Author Joe Martinez
I originally installed IBO 4.2Gc about a year ago, and have always put off
upgrading because I've been worried that I wouldn't do something right. I
really think I should upgrade to 4.2Id now.

I've read the HowToInstall.txt document, but 1) It appears to be geared
mostly toward Delphi users., and 2) There isn't much detail given in the
steps, such as "Uninstall all previous IBO packages from the Component
list", and "Remove any of the old IBP palettes that are hanging around in
the Palette Organizer".

Does anyone have their own notes that they've put together for upgrading
IBO on BCPPB (preverably version 4) in more detail? I'm hoping for
something along the lines of what menu options to click on in BCPPB, what
settings to change, exactly what files to move/rename from what
directories, in a logical sequence of steps.

If anyone has anything like this, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Another question: Once it's installed, what, if anything, do I have to do
in my application to update it for the new version? Or, do I simply
rebuilt, and everything will be updated?