Subject DesignTime Question
Author Marcel Brink

I wrote a Component which uses it's own Datamodule with
a few TIBOQueries. My Component has a Property Active to
be able to activate the Component in DesignTime.

Before the Component can be activated, a few Properties have
to be set. 2 of them are Fieldnames which are used by the Datamodule.

The problem occurs when I want to activate my Component which
will trigger a method to activate an TIBOQuery. This TIBOQuery has
2 params which have to be set. The Values come from the 2 Properties
of my Components.

When I try to set a params value i get an Exception which results in the
following report.

executable : delphi32.exe
exception class : EAccessViolation
exception message : Access violation at address 064AEE84 in module
'IBO40XRT_D7.bpl'. Read of address 0000017C.

main thread ($FA0):
$064AEE84 IBO40XRT_D7.bpl IBODataset 4835 TIBODataset.GetParams
$40026AE6 rtl70.bpl Typinfo SetOrdProp
$0032E25F designide70.bpl Designeditors TPropertyEditor.SetOrdValue
$0032F332 designide70.bpl Designeditors TEnumProperty.SetValue

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,

Marcel Brink