Subject Re: [IBO] Patch release 4.2Id is up...
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Jason,

> > I must admit I haven't checked patches for some time - but what is
> > the current status of IBO and the IB7 long metadata identifiers?
> It will be in the next major release of IBO, v5.x. I don't have a date or
> definitive list of features. I am also hoping to have a local data container
> for client dataset type of options. Essentially this will allow for cached
> datasets. I deal for lookup tables that don't change often and also ideal
> for getting lost connection support handled.

I am a wee bit troubled by this. IB7 has been out for quite a while now,
and when we exchanged emails about long metadata identifiers support
you said you were changing the internals and had ideas about changing
the whole column-thingy and a "quick fix" wasn't the way to go. This is
taking somewhat longer than expected - I myself don't really have the
tons of time to change this and I got from your emails that this would be
part of the bigger plan for columns/parameters... But the problem is that
I simply can't use long identifiers in my app with regard to running queries
in the SQL Editor :-/


With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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