Subject RE: [IBO] Roles & Permissions
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Alan,

> just tried your settings and it still gives me the exception - can;t
> figure this out

And how about the KeySource-Lookup relations and/or explicit Edit-,
Delete- or InsertSQLs?

If that doesn't cause the problem, I have no idea. I would then
probably step through the code in the debugger to see where exactly
the first error occurs (and at that point: watch/inspect the query's
SQL, ClientSQL and ServerSQL).

And if that still doesn't give you a clue: drop a Monitor on a form
and feed a Memo from it. See what goes across the wire and where it
goes wrong.

And if THAT doesn't work either: create a test project and build up
the same (kind of) queries as in the other app, one by one.

There _must_ be something in your app that "tries to write" when the
queries are prepared or opened. Maybe something in a long forgotten
handler you wrote... or maybe something internal to IBO that's
triggered by some setting or piece of code...

All I can tell from my own experience is that "under normal
circumstances" select-only roles shouldn't give you any headaches in
IBO (as long as you don't try to post changes), nor do they require
any extravagant property settings.