Subject RE: [IBO] Roles & Permissions
Author Paul Vinkenoog

> I've recently made an app where a class of users needs to have
> select-only acces to certain tables and views. I first created a
> role in the db, granted that role SELECT permission where needed,
> and had the role granted to some 140 users.
> On the IBO side, after some trial and error, I found out that I
> needed to:
> - set ReadOnly true for the transaction involved;
> - set ReadOnly true and RequestLive false for the queries involved.

Just played around a little with those settings: set transaction's and
queries' ReadOnly to false again, and queries' RequestLive to true.

Ran the app -> no problem whatsoever connecting and browsing using
this select-only role.

I could also edit fields in the grids. Only upon _posting_ I get the
ISC error 335544352:
no permission for update/write access to table BLAH
...which is exactly what one would expect.

This *does* leave me wondering about the abovementioned
trial-and-error process though.

Oh, well.