Subject Re: [IBO] Problem in BindingCursor
Author nevillerichards
Have checked the table. It definitely has a primary key (of four columns),
and the columns concerned are listed in both Index Fields and KeyKinks

The setkey/gotokey performs exactly as expected and finds the correct record
which is displayed in the DB-aware components. It is only when the update
portion of the navigate bar(BDE) is pressed that the error occurs.

However, there seems to be some problem in the table. Both IBAccess and
IBQuery blow-up when attempting to select * from the whole table. Oddly,
Borland's DBExplorer doesn't blow-up. I have traced the problem to certain
entries in a varchar(80) column - containing the character £ (English
currency sign).

Might this be a cause of problem in my app, and if so, how do you suggest I
deal with it?

Neville Richards

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Problem in BindingCursor

> You probably don't have a primary key for a table and it is using the
> by default.
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> Subject: [IBO] Problem in BindingCursor
> > I have an App nearly complete (converted from BDE), and am having
> with the last little bit.
> >
> > At the bottom of a drill-down, I need to edit records. Form type
> is using an IBOTable through a DataSource to DB-aware controls. Record
> found by setkey/gotokey. Use of navigate bar causes the: 'Problem in
> BindingCursor' error.
> >
> > I have lashed-up a simple DBGrid through the same sort of arrangement
> on its own, and will edit the table (from the grid) just fine. The table
> does have a primary key spanning FOUR columns.
> >
> > Is there a set of known conditions (or omissions) which leads to the
> message? I've tried all the things I can think of.
> >
> > Neville Richards
> >
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