Subject Re: [IBO] tiboquery & sqltimestamps
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi petegajria,

> the msecs showed up in quickdesk but not in ibconsole
> when i used now to get the date in

That may be an IBConsole setting. But anyway, you don't need Now
(which I earlier suggested), because you get the data from the MSSQL,

Do I understand correctly that your app:

1) extracts date/timestamps from the MSSQL records...
2) ...into a Delphi TDateTime object...
3) ...whose value you then try to assign to a TField ?

If you want to find out _where_ exactly the msecs get chopped off, the
only way is to step through your code in the debugger and see what
happens to your data, especially to the TDateTime object you use as
temporary storage.

If the msecs are still OK in the TDateTime, you might try to assign it
to Field.AsDateTime, post it, refresh the dataset and read back the
timestamp into another TDateTime object and see if the msecs have

> on the data that a string playing around with the formatting
> ib seems picky on the date/time formats
> data is coming in as
> 2003-03-14T06:00:05.153
> & the only format that works so far is
> 14/3/2003 06:00:05.153 ...anything else & it fails
> during the insert..

Does that mean you have solved the problem now?