Subject Re: [IBO] tiboquery & sqltimestamps
Author petegajria
hi paul,
the msecs showed up in quickdesk but not in ibconsole
when i used now to get the date in
on the data that a string playing around with the formatting
ib seems picky on the date/time formats
data is coming in as

& the only format that works so far is

14/3/2003 06:00:05.153 ...anything else & it fails
during the insert..

thanks again for all the help


--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@v...> wrote:
> Hi petegajria,
> > data is coming in as a string value & if i convert/format that as
> > tdatetime the msecs are getting cleared
> How do you convert it? I see one TDateTime constructor with
> hour, min, sec, msec. If you use that one and you feed it non-zero
> msecs, do they still get cleared? I mean in the TDateTime object,
> before you assign them to the field.
> (This constructor leaves the date 0, so you'd have to add the date
> number afterwards. Not very elegant I'm afraid.)
> Grtz,
> Paul