Subject Re: [IBO] Cannont install ibobjects types.dcu not found
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:24 PM 30/03/2003 +0300, you wrote:
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>From: "Helen Borrie"
> > Incidentally, Types is not in the uses list of
> > IB_ControlInterface.pas..but that's not to say it isn't implicit in the
> > builds of the other used D6/D7units...Forms, Graphics.
> >
>Actualy yes it is in the download patch file.
>IB_ControlInterface.pas uses types.pas instead of windows.pas.(In case of
>Delphi5 only)
>I don't have Delphi 6 installed to see where TRect is defined but I guess is
>in Types.pas
>and that is the only diference I see introduced. (by Wassim Haddad)

All above confirmed (incl. TRect defined in Types.pas).

UTFDecode, btw, is a function in System.pas in D6 - but unfortunately not
in D5.

The conditional defines are missing from TIB_ControlInterface and
TIB_Ledger. :(
Thanks for investigating this Pirtea.