Subject Lookup Query keylinks problem
Author Marco Menardi
I've two tables, each that has records that must be distinguished by
fiscal_year, and that are cloned every fiscal year, so the unique ID
is in the form:
2002 ABC
2002 ADS
2003 ABC
2003 ADS

well, in table A I have a field that has a lookup in table B, the
lookup query.
I've set a master-detail relation on the fiscal year, so in the B
(lookup table) I've only the records of the same fiscal year of table A.
The problem is that the B unique key is FISCAL_YEAR + CODE, so in the
B table (lookup) I've to set KeyLinks in the form of:
it works good but when I cancel a relation pressing CANC in the
TIB_LookupCombo, of course A.FISCAL_YEAR and A.LKP_CODE are blanked,
but A.FISCAL_YEAR is part of the primary key of A table, so I can't post!
so I need:
a) specify B.FISCAL_YEAR and B.CODE in keylinks of the lookup table
b) don't specify B.CODE=A.LKP_CODE in the lookup table

but this keylink:
does not work :( (I've a lookup list, but the lookup field remains
always empty)

how can I do?
Marco Menardi