Subject Re: Newbie -- Installation Problem
Author stewartwarren

Thanks for the procedure!

--- In, Norman Dunbar <norman.dunbar@l...>
> Morning all,
> I have to say I've had very few problems building IBO4 using C++
Builder. At
> present I'm on Builder 6 Pro, but I've come up through the ranks
from BCB 3
> then 4 - although I did miss out 5.
> Builder is a pain when you try to do a Build All - as Lester has
> poiinted out - because it tries to make sure that all the
dependencies are
> present - even if somew of them are going to be created as part of
the build
> process. Bit of a Catch 22 situation there.
> Here's how I install IBO4 into Builder 6 - it might help. (I've
never had to
> fiddle around in the sources as Paul has suggested though !)
> Create a clean source directory - I use
$(BCB)/source/IBObjects/IBO4 and
> unzip the download files into that.
> Create a new folder called inter under the one above. $(BCB) is
> for 'where C++ Builder is installed by the way)
> In BCB, open the project group IBO40_C6.bpg - in your case you'd
> IBO40_C5.bpg.
> Select TOOLS | ENVIRONMENT OPTIONS, click the LIBRARY tab and add
the new
> IBO folder (not inter) to the LIBRARY PATH. Also check that there
are no
> invalid paths there because BCB is well known for mangling paths !
> Add the new IBO folder to the BROWSE PATH as well. Again, check for
> names. OK your way back to the IDE.
> In the project manager - VIEW | PROJECT MANAGER if it is not
visible -
> remove any projects from the group if you don't or can't use them.
Names of
> the form *W* are Web projects, names like *X* use the TDataSet
> components - if you have the Personal version of BCB these won't be
> (or able to be compiled). Under BCB6 Pro, I can have everything,
but under
> BCB4 Pro, I couldn't have the Web stuff - BCB5 will no doubt be
> Now, start from the top of the project manager and for each
*RT.BPL, right
> click and BUILD. If you get any errors about various *.BPI files
cannot be
> found, simply click on the CANCEL button. They will go away
eventually !
> Having built all the runtime packages, right click and INSTALL the
> packages. There shouldn't be any problems with missing BPI files
> Finally, if applicable, right click and INSTALL the remaining
packages -
> *RPL, *EDT and *FTS at the bottom of the list.
> You should now FILE | SAVE ALL. If you don't, when you close the
> group, you will be prompted to save for each and every package !
> In BCB4 there was a problem wherby the OBJ files would be placed in
> 'inter' folder but the linker could not, or would not see them
there. If
> this is still the case in BCB5, then simply go through each and
> project in the group removing the inter folder from its options.
Then start
> the build again. You will know if this is affecting you because
there will
> be linker errors stating that 'xxxx.obj cannot be found'.
> Now do a FILE | SAVE ALL followed by a FILE | CLOSE ALL.
> Click PROJECT | OPTIONS and add the ibo folder to the lib and
include paths.
> This adds them into the default project - so all new projects will
> these settings already set.
> Regards,
> Norman.
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