Subject Re: [IBO] Newbie -- Installation Problem
Author stewartwarren
Hi All:

Thanks for the help replys!

I got IBO4 to compile Ok with CBuilder 5 Pro. I have not yet made
the source code changes shown below. The problem was that CBuilder 5
just refused to find the obj and lib files. The missing files were
either in the "inter" folder or the $(BCB)\Lib folder, both of which
were in the search path. To get it to compile, I added the explicit
paths to the libray search list: C:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder5
\Lib\ and C:\ibo4\inter. Now it compiles without linker errors.

Paul: Do I still need to make the source changes?

Thanks again.

--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@v...> wrote:
> Hi Stewart,
> > When CBuilder is compiling IBO40VRT_C5.bpl, it stops with the
> > message: [Linker Fatal Error]Unable to open 'IBD_RESTRUCTURE.OBJ'.
> I ran into the same problem last summer, also building IBO4 on BCB5.
> Here's the solution I worked out:
> 1: Close the project group if you have it open. Just close BCB to
> be sure.
> 2: Check if there's a subdir "inter" underneath your IBO4 source
> directory. If not, create it manually.
> 3: Open IBO40VRT_C5.bpk *in a text editor*.
> Do not use "Edit Option Source" in the IDE or your changes
> may be lost.
> 4: Add:
> inter\IBD_Restructure.obj
> the OBJFILES section near the top of the document.
> 5: Add:
> IBD_Restructure.dfm
> the RESDEPEN section a bit further down.
> 6: Save IBO40VRT_C5.bpk as flat text and close it.
> 7: Now open IBO40VRT_C5.cpp - it's OK if you do this in the IDE.
> 8: Add the line
> USEFORMNS("IBD_Restructure.pas", Ibd_restructure,
> e.g. after the other two USEFORMNS-lines
> 9: Save your changes.
> After that, you can build IBO4. But don't use "build all" in the
> project group. Build project by project (you can do this from the
> project manager in the project group) and ignore any complaints
> missing packages.
> Jason, I never reported this and I figured this problem would have
> gone away all by itself by now (as most problems do if you wait long
> enough :-))
> But since it still seems to be there: could you confirm if you are
> reading this? If not, I'll email you the problem+solution in a
> of days.
> Greetings,
> Paul Vinkenoog