Subject Re: [IBO] Newbie -- Installation Problem
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Stewart,

> When CBuilder is compiling IBO40VRT_C5.bpl, it stops with the
> message: [Linker Fatal Error]Unable to open 'IBD_RESTRUCTURE.OBJ'.

I ran into the same problem last summer, also building IBO4 on BCB5.

Here's the solution I worked out:

1: Close the project group if you have it open. Just close BCB to
be sure.

2: Check if there's a subdir "inter" underneath your IBO4 source
directory. If not, create it manually.

3: Open IBO40VRT_C5.bpk *in a text editor*.
Do not use "Edit Option Source" in the IDE or your changes
may be lost.

4: Add:
inter\IBD_Restructure.obj the OBJFILES section near the top of the document.

5: Add:
IBD_Restructure.dfm the RESDEPEN section a bit further down.

6: Save IBO40VRT_C5.bpk as flat text and close it.

7: Now open IBO40VRT_C5.cpp - it's OK if you do this in the IDE.

8: Add the line

USEFORMNS("IBD_Restructure.pas", Ibd_restructure, dlgRestructure);

e.g. after the other two USEFORMNS-lines

9: Save your changes.

After that, you can build IBO4. But don't use "build all" in the
project group. Build project by project (you can do this from the
project manager in the project group) and ignore any complaints about
missing packages.

Jason, I never reported this and I figured this problem would have
gone away all by itself by now (as most problems do if you wait long
enough :-))

But since it still seems to be there: could you confirm if you are
reading this? If not, I'll email you the problem+solution in a couple
of days.

Paul Vinkenoog