Subject [IBO] Re: Problem changing data in TIB_LookupCombo and TIB_Grid components
Author horstphil
> I don't know - what kind of lookupcombo controls are they?
> If ib_lookupcombo, are their datasets set up properly for updating
> (KeySource, KeyLinks)?

I am using TIB_LookupCombo controls.

> Are the polling columns updatable? ---- Just looked back at your
> query, and the Description column isn't updatable:

> Select
> (Select ProgramDescription
> from HBProgram
> where CP.ProgramID = HBProgram.ProgramID) as ProgramDescription
> person.firstname,
> person.middlename,
> person.lastname, 'LNF'))
> from CASEMANAGER join Person P on CaseManager.PersonID =
> P.PersonID
> where CP.CaseManagerID = CaseManager.CaseManagerID) as
> CounselorName
> , CP.IsPrimary
> . . . (many other fields ommitted)
> where CP.CaseID = :CaseID

I understand this - it is not the ProgramDescription column that I
want to update. I want to update the field CP.ProgramID which is a
column of the CaseProgram Table.

> Go back to the write-up on lookupcombos, and you will see that the
> linkage is made from the primary key equivalent of the lookup set,
> back to a polling key in the parent set.

I think what I am not getting is the fundamental way TIB_LookupCombo
works. Perhaps I can pose the question this way. . . .

TDBLookupCombo has the properties Keyfield and ListField.

As I understand it, the property TIB_LookupCombo.DisplayField would
be equivalent to TDBLookupCombo.ListField.

So, what is the functional equivalent of TDBLookupCombo.Keyfield?
I _think_ this is defined in the keylinks property of the TIB_Query
component which is defined over the secondary (lookup table). Is this

Perhaps your answer to this can help me get to the bottom of my

Phil Horst