Subject Re: TIB_Ledger
Author Marco Menardi
AFAIR, it's a component that is not very much supported by Jason.
I've never used it because I don't understand how it works and what it
does, but since I'm developing an accounting program I understand that
could be useful for me too.
Have you a simple sample for it's usage (maybe against a standard
database) to sent me? (NOSPAMNO_mmenaz@..., remove
'NOSPAMNO_'). What does that a simple gird does not?
Maybe we can try to fix it by ourselves...
Marco Menardi

--- In, "Riho-Rene Ellermaa"
<r.ellermaa@h...> wrote:
> Hi!
> Is anyone using this component (IBO 4.2Hc)?
> Somehow I can't get the sorting to work. In LEdger Setup I click in
"Column sort" and close window, but when reopening the checkbox is empty.
> Riho-Rene Ellermaa
> senior programmer
> Hansabank