Subject Re: [IBO] IBO error
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:22 AM 15/03/2003 +1300, you wrote:
>mp527 wrote:
> > file is not a valid database
> > (get_number_messages_waiting)
> > Error occured at 03/13/2003 06:18:09 PM ISC ERROR CODE:335544323
> >
> > I see this in my server log after a few days.
> > Once this error appears the server has to be rebooted because no one
> > can connect.
> > I am using IBO 4 version H on Delphi 6 SP 2 with the runtime update
> > 1.
> > The server is a NT service app (win2k sp3) that is the middle tier
> > talking to FB 1.02
> > After a reboot the server runs fine for a few more days.
> > Gfix reports no errors in the .gdb file.
> >
> > When I disconnect after a request comes in I do disconnecttopool so
> > I can reuse the connections.
> >
> > Does anyone know anything about this? It is starting to drive me
> > nuts
>Hi Mr. mp527,
>We get this at some sites. Its more frequent where they run
>ActiveDirectory. Its more frequent where they have more users. Its
>more frequent where they use PCAnywhere. Thats all we can say at
>present. I have been wondering if its just IB/FB doing garbage
>collection and making the database unavailable to others...

Garbage collection doesn't make the database unavailable. However, if your
customers are running a filesystem backup program, this locks sectors of
the disk and not only makes the database unavailable, but will corrupt the
database as well, if any connections are active. Don't let them do it!

>Windows to lose its mapping/sharing - which it is a master at doing.

That should never be an issue with Ib/Fb. It is not supposed to be
accessed on a mapped or shared drive. Doing this is asking for trouble.