Subject Re: [IBO] Strange behaviour
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Helen,

I have read two-three times your reply so sorry for the delay <g>. The
whole thing is a bit clearer now.

To summarize:

- It's better to change the UI with simple to understand and intuitive
buttons instead of using the bars

- Do you suggest that I always start/close the transaction by myself
(explicit transaction) instead of letting IBO do it by itself?

- Is it better, in general, to use Autocommit or is it better to
explicitly commit/rollback in code when needed?

- In general, how many transactions do I have to use to operate on
each table? One unique transaction to open/close the query and to
perform all DML tasks on that table (as I'm doing now) or two, one to
open/close the query and another for DML tasks? Is it safe to use one
for all?

Well, apart the tech info taken from Jason's site and the Interbase
manual, is there any other good (simple to understand :-) reading
about transactions somewhere?

Thank you for all your efforts