Subject Re: StretchColumn does not work properly
Author Marco Menardi
Works good to me... First row of the dataset and first of the grid.
If you do the same in another form with a brand new grid, do you get
the same behaviour?
Try not to set the fiedlwidth of the column that is the StretchColumn
field, maybe IBO first calculation is done with that value...
If desperade, you could post the source of the grids property and we
can have a look (right click on the form, "view as text", copy the
section regarding the grid),
Marco Menardi

--- In, "Florian Hector" <FHector@w...> wrote:
> Jason,
> > Not sure since I have never seen this behavior. I wonder if it is
due to
> > using the GridLinks property. Try going without that and see what
> > for sake of isolation.
> Tried w/o GridLinks, same thing.
> What I found out is, that it only happens when the column in
question is the
> first one of the Grid.
> Does that make any sense?
> Florian