Subject Re: [IBO] StretchColumn does not work properly
Author Jason Wharton
Not sure since I have never seen this behavior. I wonder if it is due to
using the GridLinks property. Try going without that and see what results
for sake of isolation.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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"Florian Hector" <FHector@...> wrote in message
> I have a TIB_Grid with 3 columns, in GridLinks the colums are set to a
> of 80,80 and 50. The grid itself sits in a panel and has a width of 289,
> Align is alClient.
> When I now run the app., there is some unused space left between the
> rightmost column and the right side of the grid, so far no problem.
> However, when I assign StretchColumn property to my first column and
> ListBoxStyle true, at designtime this first column is streched so that
> the combined width of all three columns fill the grid. But when the app is
> started and the vertical scrollbar comes into play, the widht of the first
> column does not change so that I have to use the horizontal scrollbar to
> fully see the last column.
> Is there anything left I have to set?
> Florian