Subject Re: [IBO] Ambiguous Field Name
Author Luiz

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From: "Daniel Rail" <daniel@...>
> Actually, it was a bug in IB 6 and it was fixed in FB 1(one year ago).
> What happened was that when the tablename wasn't specified with the
> fieldname, and that in the query the fieldname was found in 2 tables
> that were being used, it happened that the field was taken from either
> table when executing the query. Using your query as an example, the
> field PRONT can be taken from either the table reflat or clientes, so
> it was ambiguous. In your query, it would've have made any difference
> in the execution of the query, because you are using an inner join on
> that field and not using it in the where clause. But, it was possible
> to get different results when the common field was not used in the
> inner join, but in the where clause and/or order by clause.

As my select list of columns didn't include fields on CLIENTS tables, I
didn't see why the 'pront'column was considered ambiguous. I had read about
this fix in Firebird, but I have no idea this query was into this case. So,
I had better always to prefix columns with tablenames. Until now, I always
had used Interbase 6.01 and I didn't see this problem using IBO.

It's clear that the problemd is not in IBO.