Subject Re: [IBO] Plans for IBO Help file ....?
Author Lester Caine
No time to answer all your points

> I am concidering two options: Testing out the other (few, that is)
> alternatives or rewriting IBO to make it work. I believe the latter is
> faster than getting the feel for how it's actually meant to be used. First
> steps would be putting the .imp and .int files back where they belong, and
> to remove the horrible help tag scribble. Next - to get in control of
> metadata retrieval.

I wasted years trying to get BDE/Interbase working 24/7. I
tried IBO(3), and found it difficult, so I wasted a further
6 months on BDE. Then I went back to IBO and started with a
clean sheet of paper rather than importing the BDE crap.
That was in 1999 - IBO works fine for me, but it took time
to change back to a more sensible way of working.

The .imp and .int files do make navigation difficult, BUT
when IBO was started they were normal practice, so I can see
where they came from. Replacing them now and restructuring
everything is probably a years work! Don't forget all the
versions of Delphi/Builder supported. If you have the time
.... I'm sure it could be better spent.

Lets stick to IBO4 as it is, Firebird 1.0 and 24/7 operation
without problems <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services