Subject Re: [IBO] Feature not supported
Author chris_michalec <>
I apologize for leaving off my specs:

This is using IBO 4.2.I, Firebird 1.0.

I had moved from TTables to TIBOTables, initially. These are created
at design time. I tried going to TIB_Query, but still got the same
error. This is running on an NT4.0 server. Another programmer did
so work in the area that has the main IB_Connection, but we are
unaware of any changes he may have made that would bring about this
issue. The error happens on open of the dataset. There is nothing
special about the SQL. This first, obviously being an TIBOTable is
just a Select * From Table. When testing with the TIB_Query, I just
replaced it with Select * From Table. So, I am really not sure
what 'Feature is not supported'.

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 04:51 PM 29/01/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >I am suddenly getting this message when trying to open datasets
> >(IBODatasets and IB_Datasets). Not sure where to look. Can anyone
> >point me in the right direction?
> Not without some info on your environment. Which database version,
> architecture, server platform? Which particular IBODataset and
> components cause the error? e.g. are you trying to scroll a
> dataset, etc. etc. What SQL statements cause the error? Are these
> datasets design-time created or runtime-created...etc. etc.
> The *idea* is to identify which feature is not supported...and
> problem-solve from there.
> Helen