Subject Record was not located to update
Author James Chua
Hi guys please help me with this.

I have a tib_query(a detail dataset) that has a problem of not being
able to update a record. I dont have primary key for this table. So I
set the autokeylinks to true to use the DB_KEY as its keylinks. I even
check the master detail setup everything is correct. This problem happen
before, and I forgot how did I solve it ... I think I drop the component
and create a new one, but this time it didn't work.

But when the application is close and open again I can now update it.
When when it is newly inserted and it was post and commit I cannot
update it until I close and reopen the application.

I dont know if this has to do with my problem. But the setup is this
.... I have a two detail dataset the other one works fine ... it has the
same setup up with the one that has problem...

Please help