Subject Re: [IBO] Record was not located to update
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:24 PM 14/01/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi All.
>I need help!!!!!!!!
>I using IBObjects components for migrating
>application from DBase to Interbase for training
>Even if I try create very simple app.,
>i have this problem.
>On form I have IB_Connection,IB_Transaction,
>IBOTable,DataSource and DBGrid components.
>All components connected as required.
>Now, if I try add record to table in DBGrid by pressing
>"Down arrow" button on keyboard, next error arise.
>I input value in first field of new record, then
>go to another record, and then go back to last record.
>Now if I try input value to any field of last record and
>then go to another record,
>"Record was not located to update" exception arise.
>In Monitor output present this string:
>CEHLIST.RDB$DB_KEY = DB_KEY <n> $0000000000000000
>Thus, number of last record in my table is not right.
>I don't know, why.

Locate the KeyLinks property of your dataset and, into this, type the
name(s) of the primary key column(s) of the table.

If your table has no primary key, then start there: give it a primary key.