Subject invalid date error on parameter when changing ordering
Author james_027
here is the scenario ...

I have two parameter they are date data type. I perform searching with
these two parameters, and it works fine.

I also have several ordering links. The problem comes out here. When
Iam changing the ordering links by clicking on the column title of the
ib_grid nothing happens! all of the records disappear. So what I did
is I open up my delphi and run it from their. when changing the
ordering links an error message from delphi comes out and say ...
2003/10/1 00:00:00:0000 is not a valid date and time. I dont know why
there is such error coming out. I don't know where will I trace the
error. Since the error message has something to do with my parameters
because the 2003/10/1 is what I set for my parameter.

I add a code in onorderchange event to check the value of may
parameter and its say 12/30/99 no matter what date I have set to my

Another problem is I have this working before and after 1 or more
months this problem just comes out.

Help me. Thanks a lot.