Subject Re: [IBO] Is IBX better than IBO when used threaded ?
Author Carlos Macao
Hi Pelle,

After my previous answer I play a little with your sources and came
to a more precise comparison using your project demo:

Firebird version: 1.5 SS RC6
IBO version: 4.2 If test
IBX version: 6.04
Hardware: Pentium 4M 2.4 Ghz
OS: Win XP RC1

Using your demo untouched with forced writes=off, with 1 thread (I
couldn't put to work your demo with more then one thread), with
automatic garbage disabled, for 20000 record inserts I got :

76 inserts per second.

Using your demo for ibx, I've got:

691 inserts per second.

Using the same racing conditions but with IBO components replaced by
dsql ones, with indexes disabled and commit for each 1000 inserts,
I've got:

2314 inserts per second.

I repeated this tests more then once.

Carlos Macao