Subject Re: [IBO] Prepare to Replication
Author Jason Wharton
> I want to create a tool what prepare databases to replication.
> It is create triggers/procedures/tables/etc for replication.
> But I have a problem with primary key modification.
> The tables have an ID field, an unique ID -> the primary key.
> I want to chahge the constraint to containing the new field names
> Every site have an SITE_ID, and if the generators are produced same
> value to ID, the SITE_ID avoid the collisions.
> In IBO help I see the definitions of IB_DDL classes, but I cannot see
> any examples for I see, how to write a code to replace the constraint.

You may want to look at the work I've done with my replication. It provides
a good model to follow and you could even help me improve mine as well.

Look in the IB_RPL_*.* files.

Jason Wharton