Subject Re: [IBO] Time value and TIB_EditEnh
Author Geoff Worboys
> Can some tell me what would be the proper mask for
> entering time in hh:mm format in TIB_EditEnh component.
> I know that is should be set at dataset level. I'v
> tried ::NM::!90!:!00;0;_;0 and got exception Month
> numer or str was invalid (error code 51).
> The underlying field is Time and No date option in
> column attributes is set.

Hi Marcin,

Is this urgent? I am away from my normal computer for the
next week - so I am unable to check this out properly.
(And I am only checking email irregularly.)

An error about the Month number would seem to imply that
some underlying processing is getting things wrong.
Checking the callstack when the error occurs may help
to provide me with some hint about what is generating
the error.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing