Subject Re: [IBO] OldParameterOrdering
Author Nando Dessena

R> Users shouldn't play around with their server configurations
R> and their old application should continue working.

then users should not change a piece of their old setup I figure.
I have the same problems myself, nonetheless I find what Firebird 1.5
and IBO (next release, as described by Jason) currently do to address
the issue reasonable.
My application, if released before the release of Firebird 1.5, is
*NOT* certified to run with it, period. I understand the troubles when
old (IBO) applications and new ones have to coexist with the same
server box, but if old applications can't handle Fb 1.5 then they
should be kept on Fb 1.0. Fb 1.5 can be installed side by side with
the previous version and that's enough.

R> Otherwise they just shrug, say that "this new Firebird sure sucks"
R> and uninstall it. Let me remind you that it's approx. 1% of
R> customers who know anything database administration. In my
R> application (designed for home users) I silently install FB and
R> customers don't even know it's there (and they don't care). And I
R> don't like the idea of angry phone calls when some new software
R> installed FB 1.5 and broke my app.

This look illogical to me. Just as you silently install Firebird, you
could as well silently set whatever configuration options you need. If
your customers don't know it's there, they they don't need to upgrade
to Firebird 1.5, nor do they care.

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