Subject Re: [IBO] OldParameterOrdering
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:51 PM 28/10/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Your understanding of what I have done doesn't appear to be accurate. Things
>are better than you describe.
>I have added a property to the connection/database component that defaults
>to automatic handling of the parameter ordering issue. IBO will look at what
>version of server you are using and if necessary prepare a query
>deliberately setup to inquire what parameter ordering the server is using.
>IBO will handle either case of parameter ordering, old or new.

So far, so good. That's what I understood.

>The only reason someone would want to fuss with it is if they know they will
>never change their firebird version 1.5 to use old parameter ordering and so
>with IBO they can just set it from Auto to poNew. Or, if they are using an
>older version of InterBase/Firebird (prior to ODS10) then they could set it
>to poOld but I detect that and ignore the check anyway.

OK. Two questions:

Is there new code in the parser now to deal with parameters that are not in

What about apps that were compiled with a version of IBO that doesn't have
this support? The answer is "No option but to set OPO true", right?

So where does this fit in with the notion that it's an application-specific
issue? My view is that
1) it should be a matter for resolution by the client, not by crippling
the server
2) it should something that is either a) visible in the API or b) able to
be resolved by *any* client

I believe it's important for this to be properly treated *before* Fb 1.5
hits the bricks. Currently, you (Jason) seem to going along with Nickolay
Samofatov's attitude that, if people want to use Fb 1.5 then they have to
be prepared to install new software...

New software?
IBO - any developer whose IBO subscription is current can easily get the
IBO upgrade. But it still means they have to pull all their customers'
executables and recompile them. (It's going to bite those who have let
their IBO subs lapse, but that's "just deserts", not a problem IBO is
obliged to fix...)
Argument pro: If customers want to upgrade the db server, they have to
expect it to cost them something.
Argument contra: IBO is the only product in its market that requires
this. Even IBX will kinda-work with Fb 1.5 at present, provided the code
is OK. Other existing app interfaces will work with Fb 1.5 without any
update being required.

(Alternative option: do nothing; set up the server for OPO and hope the
customer doesn't want to use apps that use ODBC, Jaybird, PHP, etc. with
that database, or any other database on the server)

So - is it really solved?